Community Voices is a leadership development program for
community decision-making that develops leaders at the grassroots level.
Participants will learn

how a group can make a difference working together and how to connect to resources that can help reach a shared vision.

Will also learn about

systematic problems-solving methods to help address community issues and needs.

The program curriculum

is scripted and well-suited to work with diverse audiences and communities.

Why Community Voices Training?

Seeks to develop a leadership base in several communities across the city who can work together on community-identified issues and problems with the resources that are available to them.

Community Voices Training: What can I expect from training?
About 15-20 people from different segments of the community coming together to engage, inspire, and create. During the meeting, the group will agree to a set of ground rules that help them talk through the issues.
The program is sponsored by the City of Fayetteville Economic and Community Development Department and North Carolina Cooperative Extension. Community Voices program was created by Cooperative Extension at N.C. A&T, with a grant from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation.
The eight (8) week training sessions focus on developing leadership skills, effective communication, creating a shared vision, personal branding, and managing conflict.
Community Voices
Kick Off!

Tuesday, March 26, 2020
6:00 PM - 8:00PM

The Arts Council

301 Hay Street
Downtown Fayetteville

Community Voices of Fayetteville

Community Voices is a training program that empowers residents to become leaders in their communities. The program is sponsored by the City of Fayetteville Economic and Community Development Department, the North Carolina A&T State University Cooperative Extension Program, and North Carolina State University Cooperative Extension Program.

Community Voices Co-Facilitators

Miguel Rodriguez, UniQue Webster, Amanda Williams, Carolyn Nelson, Herlene Ancar, Jackie Bell, Jim McKay, Marzella Jones, Emily Chapman Grimes, Carol Knight, Layton Edwards, Marilyn Godette, Mary Elliott, Mario , Bernard McKoy, Demi Stokes, Meta Weaver Coaxum, Michael Worrell, Denise Lugo

Program Coaches
Michelle Eley, Ph.D.
Community & Economic Development Specialist
Cooperative Extension at A&T
Kittrane Sanders
Community and Rural Development Agent - Harnett County Center
Alex Baker
City of Fayetteville’s Economic & Community Development Dept.
UniQue Webster
Chair, Marketing Committee
The Arts Council
The Community Speaks

It is an effort to help community citizens to come together and determine the future for their families and the community. The main goal is to develop skilled groups of leaders who can work together over time, problem solve, and work as partners with resource people to carry out initiatives that will meet the needs and concerns of this community.

Through Community Voices, I've learned how to effectively collaborate with other community leaders to create a shared vision and strategies for addressing issues in our community.

UniQue Webster Community Leader

Communities impact nations, and Community Voices is where it all begins.

Herlene Ancar Educator in Community

This program was designed with the purpose of helping communities look at ways in which they can tackle issues facing their communities, providing tools and strategies for getting that done.

Bernard McKoy BM Global Telecom
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